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Fixes And Additions

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I released a new update to the web site to fix some smaller nagging bugs. I also added two new features as part of the patch:


1. Pocket Queries now have their own galleries. If you preview a Pocket Query there is a link at the top where you can see all the log images for your search results. It is a unique way of visualizing your searches.


2. This is an unpublished feature but if you send someone a link to one of your Pocket Query "edit" pages, that person can copy your search criteria into their own Pocket Query. Like one I created for Challenging San Jose Geocaching.


3. If you selected home coordinates for your account (and are logged in), the log detail pages will show a distance and direction from your home coordinates to that particular log entry. If you're checking out the latest log entries it is a quick way to imagine where that cache location is in relation to you. We'll continue to add this kind of feature to other areas of the site, like cache listings.

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4. The map list on the cache listing page now contains maps for different regions. For example, UK caches have a streetmap.co.uk link.


5. We added a link to Trails.com trail information based on the center point of the cache. This may help you locate the right trail for a cache. This may work for some caches like Purgatory (Trails.com link) but not necessarily for urban caches.

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