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What if people are around?


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some of my methods were tongue-in-cheek. some of them are jsut good suggestions for blending into the area. to most people, once your presence is explained, you become invisible.


it's amazing how quickly people get bored with your benchmark hunt and go away.


and if you're recovering an underwater cache, simply being out for a little snorkeling is cover enough.


walking, hiking, scavenger hunting are all activities that people do without attracting attention.


when i behave as if nothing is out of the ordinary, people tend not to notice me. if you FEEL suspicious, you will probably look that way.


some of my local cachers are nervous about theire stealth and trespassing on two of my caches on private property, when the truth is that in both cases the landowner chose the location. it's even in the description. i guess some people just feel guilty.


it doesn't matter if you get to camp at one or at six. dinner is still at six.

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Originally posted by Criminal:
Originally posted by SombreHippie & Puppy Dawg:

If waiting around for people to leave, making fake phone calls on my GPS-phone works.


Before I discovered Geocaching I was on a powerwalk using my Meridian to track speed, distance and direction. I stopped outside a beach snack stand and reviewed the various screens while drinking from my Camelbak. A couple sitting at an outside table, finishing lunch, were watching me intently. The man rose from the table, approched me and asked,


Is There A Problem?


I paused to think, still looking at the screen, and said,


I am using this Geiger Counter to search for missing prostate implants, Nuke isotopes. Looks like a hot reading.


He quickly went to his wife, left their trays, and hurried to their car and quickly drove away. I wonder what they would have done if I had a hard hat and clip board too?

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I've got the clipboard, hardhat, and orange vest. I'll add to that either a Model 19 (radiation meter, nice loud clicks) or a survey grade GPS (Trimble ProXRS). That has the double advantage of looking proffesional, and being a hell of a lot more accurate (about 1.5 feet normally).


Problem with using any kind of rad meter is people normally come over and ask what the hell your are looking for, right next to where they work/live, etc.

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Originally posted by Criminal:


Case 1: Cop asks you, “Hey buddy, what are you doing out here?” You answer, “I’m geocaching sir.” Then you show him the print-out of the cache and give a brief explanation. You’re completely covered.



I've been questioned by police officers on at least 3 occasions, each time I've explained exactly what I was doing, and they all thought it was pretty cool. One group of them went so far as to wish me luck in finding it when they left the area. It helps that I work for an LE agency, and can talk on that level, making them feel more at ease (or so it seems).



Team A.I.

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