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Guest whiplash

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Guest Paul Lamble

Well, you would have trouble providing the coordinates of a cache you hid without a GPS to give them to you.

But you could find some of the caches based on the hints provided. That's how I found my first cache.

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Guest Quinnow

whiplash...Is the reason you don't have one because you are new to the sport?

If so and you need information on GPS units and prices just ask, there are hundreds of great people here to help you find and operate what you need. and you can get a great gps for about 100.00 maybe even cheaper if you look hard enough.

Don't let this sport slip by you bud, it's great fun and you'll regret it if you do!



Quinn Stone

Rochester, NY.14616



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Guest IronHelix

Check ebay. You should be able to find a eTrex for as little as $50. If you want just any unit you can find one for under $20. Just make sure it supports WGS-84 datum and manually set waypoints.

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