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Magellan 315

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Hi Julia, since you're not too specific about what is giving you trouble, I'll be kind of generic. Basically you want to set a 'waypoint' that has the latitude & longitude of the geocache you are looking for. Then use the GOTO function and select the waypoint you just created. Then all your navigation screens should tell you which direction to head and how far away it is.


I don't have a 315 (I have the Meridian) but I took a look at the 315's manual on-line. If you are having problems creating a manual waypoint, let me know. You can also use the Groundspeak software to load cache locations directly into your 315 if you have a data cable.

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Turn it on. Menu Setup. Check that the Primary chart datum is set for WGS84 and Primary Coord system is set for Deg/Min.MMM. Press Mark then Enter and edit the Waypoint to the Cache Name by scrolling through the alphabet. Scroll down to the coordinates. Enter and edit the latitude and longitude to the cache site Lat and Long. Scroll down to Save. Press Enter . Press the NAV button until you get the Compass Screen. Press GOTO Highlight USER and Enter. Highlight the cache waypoint name you just put in. Enter. The Compass will now point to the cache. Follow it until the distance reads 0 and you should be right there icon_wink.gif Sounds complicated but once you've done it a couple of times it becomes automatic. If you don't have a manual you can download one from the Magallan web-site. Have fun.

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Nope theres a compass screen that will show your

waypoint. On the outside a square thing like

this [+] will show walk so the arrow points to the square. Should show distance to cache as well..




Captain gps needs batteries got any?. Hows the Enterprise

sposed to navigate way out here with out em?

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