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Once again, I'm new so bear with me. Even though I had decided to get the Meridian Platinum, i thought it was a good idea to a little research on the software. I noticed there's a lot of coverage of North America but very till of Europe and Asia. WHy is this? Am I looking in the wrong place? I'd like a software for hiking in Europe since that's where I live now. The only Magellan software I found for Europe was the MapSend Stree or City or something like that. Is that all there is? If so, I'm a little disappointed.



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I believe that is all there is. There is heaps on USA, the one you have found on Europe, DiscoverAus and Desert Tracks Australia for Oz, bits of NZ but not all of it and I think something for South Africa. For some reason Magellan have not attempted to collate these resources despite it being in their in own interests to do so and there is no website I am aware of that puts all the Mapsend resources together. World Wide Basemap has considerable detail for some countries but probaly not enough for your purposes. The Australian Magellan site seems to have more useful info than the USA site being a little less USA-centric. I wanted to make a map for East Timor but Magellan don't make it easy. They might get some results if they open sourced the map making gear.

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There is also DirectRoute and BlueNav for Europe. No topo map, though, except for the UK and Norway.

Ok so we have two for Oz, some Norwegian stuff, UK topos, bits of NZ, maybe SA, the various maritime ones; how about we try a global catalogue of this stuff and show where to get it since Magfellan won't?

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I bought City Select Europe for my Garmin 76CS. While travelling around italy, I found it as good as the MetroGuide is for Canada... right down to little unnamed, unpaved roads that nobody but Guido and his cow ever walk.




CS Europe is expensive and can only work with 2 GPS, so if you own mroe than 2 GPS, and want to use it with all of them, it costs more.

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I have a merigold from magellan and was wondering if there was any software for Italy that gave historical landmarks, restaurants, etc...

MapSend DirectRoute Europe covers Italy and contains POIs for all of these categories. The older MapSend Streets Europe only lists railway stations and airports.



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