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Anyone who owns a gps should purchase mapping software. For geocaching it is very handy to download caches, import to map and autoroute a path to minimize travel to each cache. For travel you can select where you want to go on the map and import the waypoints to the gps.


I use Delorme Street Atlas and Maptech's Terrain navigator.

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Get USAPhotomaps and use it to download topo maps of the area you are interested in, and you can print them out. After you return, you can download the tracks from your GPS and display them on the maps. You can also get aerial photos of the same areas and do the same with them. You can also download maps from the USGS site.

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. . . downloadable map of Colorado . . .

I have become quite enamored with Quakemap which included a free download and then a $9 registration after 21 days.


Wow. I installed it and bang, it started downloading maps automatically for whatever area I was interested in.


Quakemap downloads and stores topographical maps and aerial photos on your system as you brouse the location you are interested in. The maps are all free from various map servers. I believe you can also install other maps of interest (it lists MS Streets & Trips), but I have not used anything except the freebies, which are all the standard USGS topo maps and the terra server aerial photos. It also links to mapquest and interfaces directly with GSAK and other geocaching software.


I put my notebook computer in the car hooked to my GPS and watch myself drive around on the Quakemap screen which automatically hooked upto my GPS as so as I plugged the GPS data cable into my notebook.


The downside of quake map is that you need to brouse the areas you are interested in while connected to the internet so that it can download the maps or photos you are interested in. But hey, they're free.


Here is a medium scale topo and aerial photo of my area with caches and benchmarks labeled. Quakemap automatically imports .gpx, .loc and other file types making the ancilary data available by clicking on the waypoints.






You can, of course, zoom way in and way out.

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