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The Litter Movement


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Just remembered this: A Finnish journalist Tuula-Maria Ahonen came up with an idea of trashpicking in early 2000 and started to call it Roska päivässä (a trash a day) movement. The idea is simply to pick a piece of trash and put it in a trash bin every day, and that's all there is to it. No membership forms or fees. It gained some national publicity quite fast and, according to the website, they have members from all over the world. In many ways this is exactly the same kind of activity as CITO in geocaching.


The Litter Movement

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I will never understand why people have no conscience about throwing litter on the ground in the first place. I once watched a man leaving an iced cream stand throw his napkin on the ground in front of his two small children. I picked it up for him, (also in front of his children), and asked him why he thought it was ok to throw it on the ground in the first place. His answer was " someone will pick it up". So, I guess I will be "someone" as long as I live but I wish I could make people understand that it's not ok, and "someone" will not always be there to pick it up.


In the US back in the early nineties they designated April 22nd as "Earth Day". The idea was to inspire people who may not consider litter as a problem to go out and help clean up there own neighborhoods. I went to a local park on the first Earth Day with a group of friends and we picked up nine thirty gallon trash bags full of garbage in a single day.


I certainly realize we face much greater problems in the world than litter, but I also think it is one thing that we do have control over. Your link to "The Litter Movement" is encouraging and the idea of CITO renews my faith in the fact that people who have children are concerned they will have a decent, clean place to grow up in. :lol:

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