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Any Old Firmware Available?

Cache Dawg

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I am always hesitant to upgrade my firmware until I get some positive feedback, and I had, so I upgraded to the latest v5.34 for my sportrak map. Since then I occasionally get tossed off the mark by 200-300 feet. This is not always the case, but at least 80% of the time now. I know this because I frequently cache with others, and I am consistently the one off in the other direction. I also re-visit previously found caches to see if there is a differnce in the accuracy from previous versions and found my current firmware throwing me way off the mark. I can sometimees fix the problem by re-initializing, but this does not always work. So, I am wanting an older version of the firmware to rule out the possibility that my GPS is just malfunctioning. If I am still off by the same amount I will know it is time to send the unit back for service.


Any help would be appreciated! B)

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