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76cs Slow To Start?

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I have gone mad and bought a 76CS (and the city select software) really impressed with the machine, its brilliant colour screen, and massive memory, but it seems a lot slower than my old 3+ or my etrex to get lock, and it is definately a lot slower than my 176, if I fire up the 176, it will have recieved signals shown on the display as soon as the menu appears. In the same place the 76CS will take a few minutes or possibly error out and I have to restart the search.

The situation improves if I use an external antenna, but it still not what I'd call quick.

Is it just me or has anyone else encountered this?

I will see how it goes on the off road weekend I'm on this weekend, then drop Garmin tech support an email if I'm not more impressed.

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My 76CS took a little over 15 min to initialize the first time. That was pretty much in line with the manual. Now it starts up in about 1 min or faster which is also in accordance with the manual. I understand that this is typical for the 76.


Considering the end result, I don't mind waiting 90 to 120 sec. I am in the mountains SW of Denver. I tested several units (and sent them back) before I got the 76. One of them did lock on pretty quick but it just wasn't for me

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I've had word back from Garmin tech support, they say send it back for an exchange unit. Mine takes several minutes to log on every first start, my etrex which hasn't been used for weeks was fired up at the same time and aquired so quick I missed it because one of the neighbours said Hi! the 76CS still took 5+ minutes. love the unit though but will send it back as they suggest.

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My 76CS has been VERY quick to lock and maintain lock with the exception of two days.


Both were rainy days (but not the only rainy days, during which my 76CS worked fine).


On these particular days, the unit seemed like it would not lock while riding in my car. Both in the morning and on my way home from work. I can't explain it, but haven't done anything about it as it only happened twice and the weather is bad.


Other bad weather days have not been a problem and my old 76S NEVER had a problem regardless of weather. Normally the 76CS is much faster locking than my 76S ever was.

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