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  1. I've had word back from Garmin tech support, they say send it back for an exchange unit. Mine takes several minutes to log on every first start, my etrex which hasn't been used for weeks was fired up at the same time and aquired so quick I missed it because one of the neighbours said Hi! the 76CS still took 5+ minutes. love the unit though but will send it back as they suggest.
  2. I have gone mad and bought a 76CS (and the city select software) really impressed with the machine, its brilliant colour screen, and massive memory, but it seems a lot slower than my old 3+ or my etrex to get lock, and it is definately a lot slower than my 176, if I fire up the 176, it will have recieved signals shown on the display as soon as the menu appears. In the same place the 76CS will take a few minutes or possibly error out and I have to restart the search. The situation improves if I use an external antenna, but it still not what I'd call quick. Is it just me or has anyone else encountered this? I will see how it goes on the off road weekend I'm on this weekend, then drop Garmin tech support an email if I'm not more impressed.
  3. Thanks for the lead, I'm really getting sick of sinking under bits of paper, as soon as I get back from my hols I'll order one, then, of course I'll be posting you lot questions on how I'm supposed to make it work right ;-)
  4. I have the older Mapsource Metroguide Europe, works fine with every machine I have, the city select works with the turn by turn routing units such as the 5, streetpilot 3's etc. I am getting a 76cs next week, but I will be waiting for the price to come down on city select considerably before buying a legit copy. There's a bloke regularly sells illegal copies of Metroguide on ebay- do a search for "Garmin" or email me privately and I'll see what else I can suggest ;-)
  5. The Garmin website has sample maps for most of its software packages, and it allows you to look at the areas you wish to use it on, I'd try there first. I have USA waterways and lights but being in the UK and not owning a boat, Ive never tried it ;-)
  6. Its really anoying that Garmin want even MORE money for city select software, as those of us who have Metroguide (ok so it might be a pirate copy) would expect to use it on my next machine (ok I know technically it will still work) and not have to buy more mega expensive software, if they priced it more sensibly we might not all go looking for copies to use. As I understand it they will give you unlock codes for extra machines free, I could be wrong though. I will be looking hard for a cracked copy before I shell out the sort of money they want in this country for it. rant over cheers John
  7. The UK geocache website allows you to upload all or some of the caches in various formats -including Garmin Masource format, really useful as it will display them n the mapsource maps on the pc then. France is a bit of a geoghost town, there are are few in tourist areas, mostly planted by english tourist, and not much else, ther4e was a thread about it in the geocacheUK forum (or possible this forum UK section) have a look for it. cheers John
  8. Garmin seems to offer first rate customer service world wide, my US bought map176 seemed to be using batteries when left switched of, the Garmin Europe took it in and checked it, returning it with a new set of batteries. There was no problem with it, it turns out my cig lighter in the car was faulty, so the unit was using internal batteries in stead of external power -sorry Garmin. so I really don't have an issue with importing from the USA.
  9. I'm in the UK to, and torn between a 60cs and the 176cs as they both run similar software but the 176 has lots more memory, any to your point, the cityselect routing software is hidieously expensive, I have a Garmin trade price list, and the trade price is £120+vat and delivery! I will either have to wait for the prices to drop -unlikely or for someone to crack the software and pirate it, if you find anyone who has let me know, as I'll be in for a copy. cheers John
  10. I use US units in the UK/europe, as I don't think its worth the extra Garmin charge for the correct basemaps, I get around it by using Garmin worldmap, putting that in as a base, as its basically main and a roads + other major features so doesn't use much memory space, then adding roads and rec or Metroguide for specific areas over the top (usually roads and rec as metroguide takes up to much memory) as these provide street level or better. email me privately if you want some leads on where to buy some software copies ;-)
  11. Sorry to jump in at this late stage. the official UK list price for a etrex is £117.79 I have the dealer price list in front of me. Yes units are dearer in the UK Yes you can get them mailed in from the US but expect to pay around 25% in vat and duty if or more likely when customs pick it up. It will have the wrong base map -assuming its a mapping model Loading Garmin Wolrdmap or roads and rec will fix this- assuming the unit has the memory to store the maps. If you want a quote for replacement on my headed paper email me privately. If you want to know where to get copied mapsource discs cheaply email me. hope this helps John
  12. I'm in the UK, and I find the price deference between US and Europe "annoying" to say the least. here's what I have found: If you want a unit with internal maps then US units have the wrong base map- however if you have some onboard memory then you can fix this easyily with Mapsource worldmap, roads and rec or similar. In the UK if you order in from abroad, you run the risk of being charged VAT and import duty, in the UK this adds around 25% to the cost, and on high spec GPS units there's a very good chance of them being stopped and charged, not sure about holland though. If you do want to go down that route try www.gpscity.com I've used them and they do offer european shipping. If you can buy in the EU then you will not have any duty or tax to pay, If you have a look on ebay you will find grey imports from the US of most models for less than the dealer prices, an etrex will be around £79 +delivery probably as cheap as shipping from the USA I don't know if you mentioned which model you are after, I have a couple of week old Etrex Legend, I bought in the US, it has data cable, manuals and (back up)copies of Mapsource Worldmap, Roads and rec Europe, and Metroguide europe which I will sell for £150 +delivery. The only reason I'm willing to change it so quick is I have a friend going to the USA in a couple of weeks who will bring me back a 60c and I need the money. I don't know how that compares with dutch prices, Email me direct if that's of interest. cheers John
  13. Bad news I'm afraid, your are correctly informed, US units have the Americas base map, european units use the Atlantic base map, so you will only have very minimal detail. The only solution is a copy of either Garmin worldmap, which contains all the base level maps, and is quite handy or a copy of roads and rec europe, which has more detail. I'm in England and I buy american units because they are WAY cheaper the european ones, but I have most of the mapsource discs to support them. so the base map is not really an issue for me. Your unit will still work though, just low quality maps if any. where abouts are you visiting?
  14. I've been looking (drooling) over the 60 series as well, roads and rec will work in that you can upload maps and do all the thing you use it for now. Unfortunately as I understand it it won't work with the on the fly routing. there was quite a good review outlining what works with what on them at: http://www.gpsinformation.net hope that helps cheers John
  15. Thanks guys, I new there had to be an easier way
  16. I use Mapsource Metroguide and Roads and rec Europe. Is there a quick way to get the cache locations into Mapsource, at the moment I just open each loaction page, copy and paste the co-ords into my mapsurce create waypoint window. Is there a more efficient way to do this? thanks in advance John
  17. I was considering either a gps5 or a 60c and asked them a similar question, because I was thinking of getting a Americas base map unit (ie a cheaper american machine) the answer was pretty much the same as you got, ie the base map is rubbish, you need our hidiously expensive software to run it properly! The older Mapsource Metroguide and Roads and rec won't work according to Garmin (not for turn by turn anyway) although you can upload the maps and use the other features. what do you think of the 60c? is the colour screen easier to read than other garmin units (i have a 3+) or is the screen still a bit small when in the car? what other software do you use -if any thanks John Knights UK
  18. I'm new to geocaching myself, but work for an expedition company, we run trips into the northern Sahara, so I have been using GPS units since 1993. Magellan went through a shoddy phase in around 1995 and although all the reports I get know say they are much improved, we converted to Garmin back then and as I have enough software to sink a small boat I think I will be staying with them. We specify (or suggest) a lot of units for our first time customers and at the moment the Etrex legend takes a lot of beating. why? It has all the basic features you will want it has computer compatibilty it has on board maps and a reasonable internal memory it offers good battery life, and has a car lead available factory refurb units can be had for under $150 the bottom line is you will get to know how to use it, probably pick up some map software cheap, learn that, and will only need to upgrade when you want more memory or a bigger or colour display. The Rhino 120 is very cool, its basically the Legend with a FRS radio attatched, if you know other people with them it will be great, but otherwise you are paying extra for the radio that you may seldom use, and frs radios alone are pretty cheap, although you wont get the position sending then. hope that helps John
  19. Sorry, only just joined, I have worldmap, roads and rec europe, metroguide europe and several US topos etc, I'll happily trade a copy with anything I may find usefull John UK
  20. the cheapest "proper retailer" is gps wharehouse they have there own range (about £20), but they are usually half the price again if bought on ebay. yes stuff is much cheaper from the US, BUT if it gets picked up by customs expect to pay import duty of 5 or6% and VAT on the total including the import duty! you'll probably be lucky with a lead, machines I think they will spot!
  21. Hi, I know this is not quite in your budget, but GPScity.com has refurbed Garmin etrex for $91 including delivery, may be worth the extra few bucks as it has a 12mth warranty. and much cheaper than we can buy them in the UK! hope this helps John
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