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Great Caches

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Alright here it is. Post your favorite caches here, so others will see and might try them. Please if possible put the caches name (of course), the waypoints, why you liked it. (optional) put who place it. So lets have fun with this B):unsure::mellow: .

Come on people post caches that you like here so other people who read this will try them.

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I have no problem with a joke but when you use links its slower and harder to tell people your favorite caches. Your supposed to put a detailed description. If you put a link like that you should tell them your most favorite and why its your favorite. Sorry if i was being rude B) .

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I'm too lazy to get links! Rejoice!


Pretty much every OtisPug hide for me defined the word "great." That guy was one of the most mysterious, creative, and evil fellows ever to hide a cache. We relished each and every time we had fought through the obscure clues and were able to pop the lid off one of his caches, whether it was drug up out of the sewer with fishing line or a three-gallon bucket placed in a tree at eye level or an altoids tin placed in a hollowed-out book in a long-forgotten aisle of a library. It was a privledge to have such a prolific and famed hider so close to us.

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SL-jokes, sarcasm, and links are a big part of this forum. Welcome to the neighborhood, but as has already been politly suggested-more reading less posting-at least for now. Then you can try to catch up to smurfy, sparky and Brian.

Favorite Puzzles: Too Many Secrets and Your Voice is Your Passport.

Both of these are waaaay out of the box and so clever that I can't believe I found them. :mellow:

favorite Virtual: Choo Choo by FreesideThis guy has more RR memorabilia in his yard than most depots. :unsure:

favorite Event: A Celebration of geocaching! Normally I should say goewoodstock2, but this one's being thrown in my honor. A little ego doesn't hurt. :wacko:

Favorite Traditional: Division of Forest Resources. I missed the turnoff and made this a 3+ mile hike in a forest I had all to myself. Saw lots of wildlife finding just another ammo can under a root ball.

Favorite Urban Micro: Alexander's Ragtime Cache Ok so this is mine, but I just love reading the logs on this one. B):blink:

Most sentimental: The Falls. Kitegirl hid this one in the woods where I used to play all the time when I was about the same age as SL. I got to go back to my childhood for a few moments when I was looking for this one last month. :ph34r:

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Since someone started another forum like this i think im going to close this one.

You didn't start a forum. You started a thread. Ummm, to be totally correct, you started a thread that has been done many, many, many times before. See that little magnifying glass up there in the upper right corner? It has the word "Search" next to it? No, not that one....over there.....ok, let me show you. It looks like this atb_search.gif . Yeah. Now, use that next time you want to start a new topic, because I can almost guarantee if it's a geocaching topic, it won't be a new one. B)


Now, look down in the opposite corner.....there where it says "Moderator Options".....no, the other opposite corner....yeah, that one. Click the drop-down and select "Close this topic".

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