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Do All Benchmarks Found Count On Your Stats?

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The first benchmark I found and logged showed up on my stats total right away.


Tonight I found to more benchmarks. They were both churchs. I logged them as found and posted the photo's of them.


One of the churchs had been logged not to long ago by another geocacher.


I also logged two water tank benchmarks as destroyed.


Do the two destroyed ones cancle out the two church ones I found or what?

Out of the 5 benchmarks I logged only the first one seems to count towards my total caches.


I can understand that the ones I logged at destroyed would not get added to the total caches found, but why did the others not get added?


Benchmark Stat page

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Ok, maybe I can't add :(


Looks like none of the benchmarks count towards my total caches found. :D


Edited to add:

Yep, looks like no ones' benchmarks count toward the total caches found.

Now I feel really stupid. I can't add or read. No wonder I have such a hard time finding anything. :D

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you logge stuff fairly fast. give tha system time to catch up and dont forget to clear you computers cache.. of webpages and do a refresh. I have had it take several hours to log correctly. Learned the hard way im new to this too. There is no canceling out of BM. Those found are found. If you have destroyed ones you are logging you might want to send Deb at NGS a loc and pic. Check pinned topic on top of board

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