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Proximity Rule For Approvals

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This was kind of touched on in the current thread on approvals, but that one seems to have degenerated a bit, so I didn't want to add to it.


Someone brought up a good question: what are the guidelines for being close enough to maintain a cache? I haven't seen anything on geocaching.com.


The reason I ask is that many of the caches in my area -- Yukon, few that they are -- are placed by people from totally far away who will never return. I don't really like this, it just doesn't seem right to me. Just because we have relatively few caches doesn't mean that people should feel free to come up here and just dump them off. What happens when they need maintenance?


If there is a 150-mile limit (or whatever), then why is it being ignored in the Yukon? It almost seems like people are taking advantage of our land and environment.




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There is no hard and fast rule.


You need to be able to maintain the cache. That's the rule.


That you have finds in an area demonstrates that you get to the area and is an indicator of your ability to maintain a cache (not your willingness that's different).


If you travel for business to Florida every other week, you could easily place a cache there and have it approved, because you can maintain it.


I'm not sure what the cut off is for being able to get to a spot. I use 6 months as my own personal rule for remote caches. Remote caches need a lot less work than urban ones. Because of that anything more than about 25 miles away is a remote cache. Right now those are about the only caches I have left.

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