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Additional Search Function Needed


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How about an ICON that allows a cacher to search for Night Caches Only? You could use a Cresent Moon or a Bat as the symbol. I cannot take credit for the symbol suggestion, since that was suggested by another cacher.


Also, if I wanted to find a certain type of cache within a specific area, I would like to use more than one search parameter, like the Zipcode and Keyword or Area Code and Style et cetera.


If all the caches carried an ID letter, such as Ni for night, Mu for Multi, Mi for Micro et cetera somewhere within the coding, then each could be cross-referenced with the Zipcode routine. Maybe it already exists. but needs to be implemented. The "Type of Cache" or "Style of Cache" Search Window could be placed under the State and Country selections, either on the Front page and/or the Hide & Seek page.


I came up with this idea when I was faced with the need for searching out Night Cache within the Pierce and King County areas. I didn't want to read all the listing for each county of that one type or cache symbol, and then select it from out of hundreds presented.

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