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Very Slow Website Response


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I will probably get drawn and quartered for not researching this topic, but I find the GC website and all associated GC pages to load very slowly. I have no problem with other sites. I do have McAfee security on, which I know can slow things down, but geez, I wait about 30-60 seconds just to go from the main page to My Page. I have a fast cable internet connection, and again, I do not have this problem with other sites. Is it me or too much traffic to the site?

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We're implementing a traffic monitor in two weeks, which will allow us to determine the areas of the site that are slowing down the web server and correct them. Currently at slow times we can only guess the culprit.


And, yes, Monday is the busiest day on the web site for logs and new cache entries, so the site may be slow during high load times.

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