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What am I missing?

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I recently purchasded a Magellan Platinum. After downloading my first cache waypoint, I cannot seem to get the unit to show me roads or any detail at the site. I haven't visited the site yet, but I would like to see some detail before I go.


I have the Topo software on order, when I get this will I be able to see detail after I download that? or do I have to be in the im,mediate vicinity to get details?


Another question. The Platinum says that it will support 64mb of SD memory. I just purchased 128mb SD for my digital camera. It is the same card. They have it cheaper than the 64mb....will I be able to use 128mb?

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I'm not familar with the Platinum's base map, but it certainly could be that you're just away from any major roads. The Topo software will give you the detail that you're probably looking for.


BTW, in my area the maps from Topo are far enough off that the street level doesn't do any good. You can still see the roads and what not, you just have to realize you might not be on the road it shows you on. You can use the maps for street level detail if you ignore your position.


I've got a 3.22 mile route I walk around my neighborhood, the track from that walk is not only off, but would not even fit the roads shown. So, like I said it's only very rough approximation in my area. I've heard some areas are more accurate that others.


I'm not saying that Topo is a complete waste as it certainly fills in the roads on my STMap quite nicely.





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Originally posted by Jmurman:

I am wondering if I should also get the Streets map for this too.


The TOPO software you ordered has the same street info as S&D. It just doesn't have all the POIs, which I turn off anyhow.





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