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Selective Availability


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SA was turned off on May 1, 2000. That's what made this sport happen. Prior to that the accuracy was plus/minus 100 meters. Three days later the first cache was placed, and (after a little while, with different names tossed around) the sport of Geocaching was born.


SA can be turned on at any time, so that enemies can't use the signals. Either the entire system or in local areas.

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In fact, it was the turning off of SA by an executive order by Clinton that made geocaching possible. In May of 2000, when suddenly consumer GPS receivers could get 15 meter accuracy, the members of a GPS Internet newsgroup were wondering how they could take advantage of it and Dave Ulmer offered to hide a container of stuff for someone to find, based on the GPS coordinates. And that's when geocaching (it took a bit for them to come up with the name) started.

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