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Just a thanks

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I just wanted to throw out a Thank You to all the people out here that deal with all the noobie questions about Geocaching and the different GPS units.


I was turned onto this by a buddy on one of the car forums I moderate because he participates in Geocaching. You guys tolerate the noobie questions a lot better than some of the members I've seen on other sites.


I've been lurking on the site daily and searching thru endless threads on caching and the different GPS units. I was debating between a Vista or SporTrak, but I got my hands on a SporTrak Pro thru that killer deal on FlyingJ. With the Magellan rebate that sucker only cost 100 bucks!


Thanks again and I hope I can be of some assistance one dat with a bit more expirence! icon_wink.gif

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Once I got disgusted with all the crap in these forums and left for a long time.


When I came back most of the issues had cleared up and it was enjoyable again. Then when I got involved in another forum on another site I saw how bad it could be. I joined the forum just to slam the morons who didn't want to help.


Mabye the invention of the Markwell on these forums helps old timers vent while actually helping.

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My experience thus far has been only positive, RK. When I posted a question or two I got great advice that made my experiences much more rewarding!


The positive responses prooved what smart, interesting and helpful people Geocachers can be.


We, too, hope to be able to offer our wisdom, once we get some, to those who need it.


"Now may every living thing, young or old, weak or strong, living near or far, known or unknown, living or departed or yet unborn, may every living thing know happiness!"

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All right, a place for giving advice to newbies.


1. When you call 911 to get rescued when you're lost in the swamp, don't give them your exact coordinates, accurate to 3 meters or so. People will laugh at you in the forums.


2. Don't answer natures call until you've washed your hands after having dug through poison ivy to find the cache.


Glad to see at least one new person got in on that flyingJ deal. Once you get into the "my GPS is better than yours" debates, you'll find most people hard pressed to match you for the best possible deal catagory.


Welcome to the madness

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