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Palm T3 To Garmin Interface

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I read somewhere and now I cannot google the answer.


I have hooked up my Garmin -> PC cable to my Serial T3 -> PC cable with a null modem connector but they still won't talk. I remember reading somewhere that there is a software problem with the T3 and someone developed a little program to fix the interface on the T3... Any clues?

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Don't talk in what way? What software are you using on the T3? All Palms should have the same pinouts, so it should work with the correct software. Among the possiblities are Cetus, Mapopolis, Cachemate, and many others. The Garmin must be set to NMEA interface for navigating, and to Garmin interface for exchanging waypoints. If you already have all this done, and still can't get it to work, I'm not sure what the trouble could be.

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