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My New Cache Design


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RE: "ENCHANTED FOREST" / GCJAAM / Washington State / 98383


I have been playing with different ideas for a cache page design and decided to use a technique commonly called "Client-Side Image-Mapping".


Has anyone out there used this format for a cache page? If so, can you give me an example.


The design does have a few minor flaws. You cannot save or capture information found within the image(when moving the mouse pointer over it) nor is the hyperlink function valid or necessary.


If there is a way to capture the information and move it into NotePad or some other editor, I'd like to know and so would a couple of others who have inquired about it.


If there is a way to disable the hyperlink funtion(href="..." within the Image-Mapping format), but still retain the display within the Activity/Status Bar, I would like to know.


Any suggestions to improve this cache page will be greatfully appreciated!



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As for disabling the 'href="..."' from working, try 'href="#"'. I have code that can copy to the windows clipboard but unfortunately it requires scripting to work and I haven't figured out a way to get it to work on gc.com. You could link (from the image map) to a page/script that was stored off-site (from gc.com).

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I saw that page and quickly defeated the purpose of the page "ol ivrjvat gur fbhepr pbqr sbe gur cntr."


I would suggest finding a way to encode the text. You can use a javascript function unescape() to make something like document.write(unescape("%43%6F%64%65")); appear as "Code" in the status bar.


The other problem with image mapping is that you can TAB and Shift-Tab to go through all the hotspots on the page.


Third and final problem that I can see is that if anyone is not using a webpage to view the cache description (handheld, pocket query) they are going to be out of luck.


Pretty cool idea nonetheless!

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