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Case Protector For Ipaq 2215

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I've been using my IPAQ in the woods along with my Vista. I ran across this new protector. Have not used it, but it looks interesting. There's also an opening for inserting a CF GPS instead of running a cable to the Vista, but of course it's not protected.




Right now I'm using a waterproof plastic protector but it's hard to see and scribe the screen through the plastic.


No one seems to make a unit that would protect the PPC and CF GPS and that's relatively accessible..


At least I have't found one yet.



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I have an HP1945...

I use my fingernail rather than the scribe with the aquapac.... don't need to worry about losing anything... this works fine...... but the backlight needs to be up to full for ease of seeing....

For the other things that I do with the pocketpc, it is back in its leather flip case and I do use the scribe......

I am not completely happy with the arrangement, but it is MUCH better than seeing my 12 year old holding my treasured pocket pc in the pouring rain. as we did a couple of monhts ago.

I am going to monitor this thread to see other responses...

Thanks for starting.

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The Armor 3600 from otterbox.com with a CF pod would protect the PDA plus the CF GPS (depending on which brand you are using) while leaving the touchscreen accessible (it has some plastic film over it). Provided you are willing to pay around $150 for the whole outfit.


I have a transparent Otterbox 3000 ($20) and my Dell Axim with a CF GPS fits in it. However, the touch screen cannot be used. Also, the case is kinda heavy. The whole thing is heavy and bulky. Doesn't seem very practical in comparison with e.g. a Garmin Geko.

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