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Rescue My Usa-based Travel Bug From A Netherlands

Otter and Lemur

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A travel bug of mine had made it almost all the way to its specified goal in Vermont, USA, when a cacher intentionally decided to derail it and take it to the Netherlands instead -- he decided this would be more "interesting".


The bug is currently in the Den Deijl cache, cache GCF2BA (visit the cache here). I would be grateful if anyone reading this would be so kind as to go retrieve it and mail it to me in the USA; I'll happily reimburse you for the postage and send you a thank-you gift as well.


The bug in question is "Lemurcoin 2004", TBFEDC.


-- My thanks to anyone who might be able to be of help.


-- Lemur (Jay Furr), 1/2 of the "Furrs" geocaching team

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