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How Do I Log A Tb W/o A Tracking Number?


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I picked up a Travel Bug today and am in an interesting predicament. Originally, the TB was a GeoCoin in a small plastic baggie with a log for the states that it had reached. I have the bag and log, but it looks as though someone swapped pennies for the coin. I'd still like to carry the log around to different states, but without a TB #, I can't log that I've picked it up from the cache. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Apparently you're talking about the Cat's Coin, http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...ef-b7fecc9bc485


A geocoin is the thing. The coin is like the metal tag of a TB and in your case the log book was like a hitchhiker. Taking the metal tag and leaving the hitchhiker makes the hitchhiker just a trade item (though the reverse sometimes happens).


The geocoin is probably part of someone's collection now and MIA. Please contact the Cat and ask them to move the geocoin to "unknown location" because it is no longer in the cache. It may turn up, but if it's not in the cache, then it should be marked as missing.

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