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Change Reference.... 60c/76c... Finally!

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For those shopping or those who have not noticed the FIND feature of being able to change your REFERENCE POINT for Find-Nearest- (waypoint, hotel, etc...)


The CHANGE REFERENCE allows you to search for the nearest hotel in say the west part of Green Bay while currently driving through say Des Moines.


Very Cool and useful.... I've wanted that since day one on my 76s....

Glad it's here on my 76CS.



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I've read enough about the 76cs that I am definately sold and put my name on a waiting list for one with a major dealer this past weekend. The hints and tips like the one above by Us 5 Camp are invaluable. I just got to remember to print out the various posts for reference later on.

My experience over the last 2-1/2 years with my GPS V tells me that 80% of all useful tips cannot be found in the manual and can only be learned from folks in this forum.

So keep all those hints and tips coming in.


Cheers, Olar

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