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Travel Bug By Itself...

graciious & twosips
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I don't even have a GPS and I have gone GeoCaching.. very exciting!

lol! I saw a geocache in my area code that had a picture and it looked very familiar so after some light reading of the description of the area I was able to track down the geocache and check out what was there, I haven't bought a GPS unit yet, maybe soon, but money is tight!


Anyway I know I like the idea of Geocaching! so here's my question, I went to the cache with the intention of leaving something and taking something, to sorta force me to start doing this more, I managed to pick up a travelbug all by itself, apparently the item it was attached to has gone MIA what should I do? just send the bug on? return it to the owner? attach something new to the bug?


- graciious

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First, if you haven't already, log the bug's home page that you have it in your posession. Contact the bug's owner to see what he or she wants you to do. If after a reasonable amount of time lapses without a response, check the page for a description of the item, then try to recreate it to the original item or its goals. If there isn't a description, add something of your choice and send it away.

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The bug in question seems to be Loup Loup (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=7181), because that's the only one listed in graciious's profile.


Loup Loup is/was a bear and the bear has been missing for a long time. Do what Metaphor said and contact the owner. If you are feeling generous, try to locate a bear similar to the original, though the owner may have one in mind and might post the replacement to you. Ask the owner how the TB metal and the instruction tags were attached and see if you two can come up with something better. Those are some of the options that you might mention in your email.

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Hmmm. I read more of the logs.


Considering Loup Loup has been missing for about a year (after being in someone's hands for a year before that), the owner doesn't seem to be in a big hurry to get a new hitchhiker for the tag. If it's okay with the owner, I think in this case it depends on how gracious you want to be :tongue:


1. buy a new (small) bear

2. attach a cable tie to the bear's leg

3. attach another cable tie to that one with the metal tag on it

4. take a picture of the your masterpiece (not showing the 6-digit number)

5. post the picture with a note explaining all the work you went through :-)

6. place the new bear in another cache


Your mileage may vary.

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