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Twisters And Floods

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Jordan and I went on a cache hunt yesterday that, entirely unintentionally, took us through some of the areas damaged by tornadoes and flooding here in southeast Nebraska over the last couple of days. The details and photos are posted in this cache log for CarleenP's Spring Creek Nature Cache. The short version is that we drove through the remains of a house, because it was spread on both sides of the road over at least a 1/2 radius. (We assume it was a house because of the bathtub.) Then we ended up on a two-hour detour because flooding had (has?) apparently closed just about every east-west road through Lancaster County south of Lincoln. And we didn't even get close to the real damage. (Not that the National Guard would have let us near it anyway.)


And more storms are coming in this afternoon. B)


EDITED: because the permalink wasn't cooperating. B)

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Awesome pictures.


We were camping in Goderich, Ontario on the weekend and we had a major storm on Saturday night that resulted in a F2 tornado in Mitchell, Ontario (some distance away, but still too close for comfort!). It just missed being an F3 by 7 mph!


Haven't seen any pictures of it yet though.


Also, during the storm, I saw a flash (orange) of lightning and instantaneous boom. Turns out, the lightning hit a tree only 50 yards away.


Two other campsites were a hellava lot closer than that though! It truly was amazing.



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May 3rd, 2001 (?) was my first geocaching experience even though I hadn't heard of GC at that time. That was when the F5 tornado ripped through the OKC metro area and passed a half mile from where I was hiding.


It had the highest natural windspeeds ever recorded on earth. I spent many days, even weeks, picking out little tidbits from my yard and surrounding areas. (no, not looting or anything like that) My parents' house was leveled down to the foundation, and even parts of the slab were ripped up <_<


Anyhoo, back to the point, ummm, well, what was my point?


Aww heck, great pics :D

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While on Guam I had several caches go through a typhoon. One was located in a folgers coffee can located 60 feet from the waters edge. It survived with little damage.

Another ammo box cached was hidden in the interior of the island under a fallen tree which measured 4 feet in diameter. The tree and the cache were not there after the storm.

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In the last pic there is a guy(presumably) with his truck looking at the water.  I'll bet he's thinking, "Man, how do i get to that cache!?"



But actually, he's probably thinking, "How much longer do I have to sit out here making sure that idiots don't come speeding over this hill and drive into the water and drown themselves?" :D

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