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Problems With Bng Coordinates

The Wildleys
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On the main cache page, when a cache in the UK has coordinates along the lines of:


ST 06653 95011


the leading zero of the eastings is dropped. This would make sense if this were a regular number, but 6653(0) gives a quite different location from 06653! (60 km too far east, to be precise.) (The same occurs with the northings, I presume.)


These numbers should always be formatted as five digits, even if there are leading zeros.


Actually, for those who aren't familiar with the British National Grid, you can chop off the right-most, least significant numbers and all you lose is accuracy. For example, ST 06653 95011 gives a grid reference to an accuracy of one metre. ST 066 950 is accurate to 100 m. (It identifies the lower-left corner of a 100x100 m square.)

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