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What is so peculiar is that this one and the other that I have found seem to be just about on target for where the benchmark should be.

Most of the time the reported horzontal position of a benchmark is not exact. It could be off by a 100 yards or more - you have to read the data sheet and see how they arrived at the horizontal coordinates. If the position has been determined by GPS, then your GPS may lead you right to it. In the case of your lost mark, it's position was scaled from a map, so it has poor horizontal coordinates - the data sheet says +/- 180 meters.


How I would search for this one is go to the tracks near the reported position, pace off 46 feet to the north from the north rail (for myself, this is about 9 paces) then walk parallel to the tracks in both directions from where your GPS says the latitude of the reported position. You may have to go up to 180 meters in both directions. If the fence is still there, and it runs north-south then you're in luck - because the mark is about 3 feet from the fence.


Keep in mind that the fence is most likely gone, as that was in 1934. The witness post was set in 1994, so you have a better chance of finding that.

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