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Deleting Waypoint From Log

The Wildleys

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Once, I added a log that I realized should have remained secret. So I immediately went to edit my log and unchecked the waypoint checkbox on the edit page. The waypoint went away, and I said "save changes". But the waypoint was still there! The best I could do was to zero it, which is obviously rather messy.


Just now, I added a waypoint to my log, then later realized it better belonged to the image I was uploading than to the log itself. Same problem as before: I'm unable to delete the associated waypoint from my log. (So now I have the ugly "Last edited by..." at the end of my log for no good reason.)


I believe this is a bug. I wasn't sure if anybody was aware of it, so I am now making it known. :rolleyes:


-- Simon

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