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What's The Point?

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It can be very frustrating when rules seem to come out of nowhere, and they are applied to you in a negative way. (Remember the forum wars?) Another approver has already mentioned that he was not aware of any six mile rule. The problem is that there are personalities involved, every one of which is different. There was similar disgust verbalized about approvers not approving glass containers over in the UK forum. There is no rule against glass containers, but this particular approver decided he or she didn’t think them appropriate.


Some observations on this thread:


Publicly and vocally “quitting” geocaching over a rule application is poor form; there are many other ways of dealing with issues than resorting to that.


Attacking someone who does this is even poorer form. We are a community, remember? The “don’t let the door hit you” comments are unnecessary and rude. TeamMJDJ may be angry, and may not have dealt with the problem in the best manner, but he never attacked anyone. For any of us to attack him is obscene. It must make some feel elitist if they can do so.


Everybody in here is different. We all deal with things differently, and we all react to things differently. This particular method of communication presents a huge opportunity for misunderstanding. Remember that.


If personal attacks are not tolerated, why is this thread still open?

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Criminal, thank you for your post. I reviewed the entire thread with a view towards identifying any personal attacks. Yes, there were a few "don't let the door hit you" posts. There were also two posts criticizing people based on where they live rather than what opinion they offered. And then some critical posts back again in response to that. Enough of a mess, taken as a whole, to warrant closing this topic. It ought not to have been in "Getting Started" in the first place. This is the friendly forum where new geocachers should expect helpful assistance with answering their questions.

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