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Did You Find Your First Cache Or Get Skunked?

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My buddy and I found our very first cache and considering how did, it was kinda amazing. We didn't even know how to use the GO-TO function so we just wandered around in the woods until the coords kinda matched up and then looked for it. Took awhile but we found the sucker.

I had a GPS that zeroed out at 0.1 miles so I had to do that anyway!



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The Easy Way


Our first cache find was with a group of friends (at this cache) The "leaders" were somewhat experienced GeoCachers, so that certainly helped out. (Don't know if they'd found this particular cache before, though.) They gave us ideas on what to look for, how to make the GPS work, etc. Someone in the group did find it without a whole lot of trouble. I think that's probably the easiest way to get into caching -- going with some more experienced people the first time or two.


Found out a park where I sometimes hang out on my lunch break has a cache. Never have a GPS with me at work, so I tried hunting it down one day without one (without success. Based on maps and things, I think I was close -- I may try again soon.) My wife and I plan on hitting our first "solo" caches soon (as soon as our schedules and the weather allows ...)


I'll let you know how that goes.


Ricky D. (of RandLD)

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I have to say no....I heard about Geocaching on the way to work one day (It was on NPR). I got so excited I immediately got on-line and found the web site. Then of course I thought "How many caches could be way out here in West Texas?" There was one on the way home, so I thought surely i could find this one without a GPSr. I knew the area pretty well... but a 30 minute hunt revealed nothing, so I went home and explained to the wife why I was late...She thought it was great so we ordered the GPSr the next week and went back to easily find it. :D

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I actually found my first cache without a GPS. I was trailing some cachers that turned me on to the sport and when we got close to the cache. They were glued to thier GPSrs and I noticed some trampled vegitation and quickly found it before they did. But I wouldn't of even been in the right area if they havn't alreay gotten me that far.

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My first was a multi-virt in the neighborhood where I live so it was pretty easy to do. The second cache skunked me on the first try. I found it the next day though. It was an urban micro and I had actually been sitting on it's hiding spot during the first try!

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