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The Coffee's

Cito Great Without The Dse Vic Australia

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Hi all,

I am in greta support of CITO day and will certainly be doing my part.

However in Victoria Australia we have another problem that could close off many areas of geocaching. I am talking about our Government declaring state forests as National Parks then shutting them up without consultation to any users before you could say "crikee what was that".

our wonderful organisation known as DSE or department of sustainability and environment is working hard in offices at central Melbourne deciding that by lack of funds it is easier to close our outdoors rather than working in with user groups to maintain them.

By anouncing meetings with only days notice they have been able to say that due to lack of interest a certain area is to be closed. Who this AFFECTS: all users, 4wd, bushwalkers, canoeists, motorbike riders, geocachers, local tourism, business owners, to name a few. Readers this is serious, we need to take action now and keep our parks open. in about 8 weeks the otways will be closed for good fenced and gated to keep all out and this will spread from park to park. where to start?, local MP's local Government, media, local business, forums. Please all in Vic help us all anf get active somehow. we have to act now. To Groundspeak I apologise for using this forum to present a problem, but it is serious and I do love geocaching. Mr.Coffee Ian Berwick VIC Aust

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