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Gps V Vehicle Mount??


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I just got a GPS V and I want to mount it in my car, but I don't want to put one of those permanent disks on my dash.


Has anyone used the Garmin suction cup windshield mount?? Is there a different mount that anyone has had success with in the car ??



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I use the Bean Bag mount for my Garmins. I tried the suction cup mounts, but it seemed as the temperature went up in the car or the Sunlight glared on it it would unstick after a few hours. I hate it when an expensive GPS falls on the floorboard or worse in your lap.

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I use the Portable Mount http://shop.garmin.com/accessory.jsp?sku=010%2D10306%2D00 which I would consider the best accessory for the unit. Stays put and the GPS goes in and out of it real easy. I'm even comfortable with the clamp on the unit when I go caching. With the V you have the bracket that mounts in the unit.


You can get it cheaper then off the Garmin site though. I never tried the window mount - not sure if it bounces around or if it's too far away from you, depending on your car. I also purchased the external antenna which I sometimes use. In my Suburban and Accord, the signal quality with the unit on the dash is fine and doesn't need the external antenna suction cupped to the front of the window.

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From an experienced Garmin V user and someone who spends *lots* of time in a vehicle - DO NOT BUY THE GARMIN SUCTION MOUNT! Mine, and many others from reading in here, had the bad experience that the mount would not support the unit. I love the bean bag mount - it allows me to move the V from my Company car to my POV. I also invested in a Ram mount (the best) suction mount that really does hold!! I am able to mount the V on the left side of the windshield with the Ram mount and it is very nice for driving with very little distraction. The Garmin suction mount does *not* suck!! - which, in this case is bad!! :D HAPPY CACHING!!

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Perhaps I'm just lucky. I have the RAM suction cup mount, a standard 3 inch RAM arm, and a Touratech cradle for my GPS V. I wouldn't consider anything else. No other type of portable mount allows me to adjust the position as much as the suction cup.


If I don't moisten the suction cup before I stick it to a window, then yes, it will fall off after several hours. However, if I moisten the suction cup before I stick it on, it will stay on for days without ever falling off. With the RAM suction cup, the weight of the GPS V and Touratech cradle is certainly not a factor.


Consider the RAM suction cup mount. It works fantastic with the GPS V.

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Try this link for Many RAM options specifically for the V


I love my RAM weighted base similar to below. It's is heavy!, has a lead center? and a sticky rubber shell, very durable, very flexible, very quick to move around, very quick to move to any part of the dash.... very highly recommended:


Only I have a 'ball' mount directly attached to the base and use the 'two ended femail coupler' arm between the ram holder ball and the weighted base ball. This allows you to vary the height and angle of the gps. (It also allowed me to use RAM components I already owned and avoid the little stubby female post pictured above. My setup seems much more flexible.

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