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Charlotte And/or Nc Rules?


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Well, you CAN put a cache in an NC State Parks, but the rules are so prohibitive as to make it impractical. It costs $25 for a permit which is only good for 90 days, must be in a clear container, location must be approved by a ranger, and other rules. The directive was issued in 2002 and appears here. To my knowledge, there's only one cache with the required permit - the Eno $25 Cache. Rangers have been known to confiscate caches in NC State parks, so tread carefully. I won't (knowingly) approve a cache in an NC State Park without the proper permit.


It's a real shame because it makes caching in NC limited to local parks. The Blue Ridge is off limits due to NPS management; and the NC State Parks are nearly off limits due to strict guidelines. I've made overtures to try to discuss geocaching with state park officials, but got a (very civil) brushoff.


Of course, that's part of the reason why NC geocachers have developed into such clever hiders :rolleyes:


Welcome to NC!

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