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Seeking Jaffa-man!

Team Tate

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Hi to all from the sunny (ahem) UK!


I hope you don't mind me interupting your forum, but I am seeking our Travel Bug - Jaffa Man - who was headed towards your country but seems to have been lost enroute.


His page is as follows:




The last log was from a group of cachers known collectively as the M&M's, but they passed it onto someone who was visiting Australia without logging the exchange.


Jaffa Man now appears to be missing but I am hopeful he may turn up in a cache SOMEHWHERE!


If you have any news, I would be very much appreciated (even though I'm a whinging Pohm!)



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After putting Jaffa Man into a TB Graveyard back in January 2004, he has mysteriously reappeared in Porcupine Flat cache in Victoria.

We had lost all hope of every seeing him again, but are amazed to find that he has reappeared after 19 months in Australia - his goal!

Where he has been & how he managed to reappear in a cache is still a mystery as there are no logs mentioning him anywhere.

We are just so glad that he is back to continue his travels. :mad:


Sarah x

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