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Garmin V Vs 60c Routing Speed


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I have both models and the 60c is notably faster in that regard. I'm slowly getting used to not having it plopped on a ledge on my dashboard and since the recent software upgrade, some missing features have been added. It takes a little getting used to by the V owners but soon the V will be gathering dust, or in my case, sit in the holder on my Gold Wing.

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The route calculation is about 3 times faster on the 60C than on the V. I trialed the 60C for my favorit GPS shop and had it sitting next to my GPS V, same Euro CS5 maps loaded, same route, same everything. Screen updates are also a bit faster. And (what else did you expect!): uploading maps via USB is also faster... 56Mb in 10 minutes, compared to 19Mb in 45 minutes. :D

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