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Benchmark Travel Bug . . .


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I'm thinking about starting a new Travel Bug. This one was legally obtained from a construction site during archaeological monitoring, and does not qualify as an 'artifact'.




Yes, it's a brass benchmark stamped OLD SCH (Old School), recovered during the re-development of the old Mission San Jose Grammar School into an upscale live/work property with commercial uses. This is a pic of the Grammar School right after it was built in the 'teens.




Since the benchmark is labelled 'Old School', I would like for this TB to visit other old schools across the nation, preferably ones that do not function as a 'school' anymore.


I know the guidelines about placing caches around schools, etc., but what a cool way for this piece of brass memoribelia (sp.) to travel to other "Old Schools" across the nation.


What do you all think?? Any advice would be appreciated.



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I like this idea very much - I enjoy benchmarks and would rush to grab such a TB if it wandered into my area.

I agree, though, that since it is such a cool item someone might keep it.


Perhaps you could make a mold of the original marker, then create a duplicate out of clay or something, then send the duplicate out.

Excellent idea MudBug..........


See, there's always more than one way to skin an armadillo.


EDIT: My fingers always tap the "wrong" key!!!

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Awesome idea. As a mark hunter, I too would run out and grab this puppy if it were anywhere close.


However, the idea doesn't necessarily need to be tied to a benchmark. In fact, it really might be worth two bugs.


For the first bug I think I would probably laminate a pic of the old school, attach a blurb about the history of the school and about the goal. This would be just like your idea.


For the second I would take a pic of the mark, laminate it and attach a bit about where I found it. Its goal would be to visit other marks attached to old time schools. I would ask that loggers post a pick of the bug with the mark they found, and perhaps a bit about the history of the place.


In either case, I wouldn't attach the mark itself. Unfortunately, I bet it would disappear rather quickly.

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So, are you guys actually saying that there are geocachers out there that would actually Find It, Take It, Keep It, and Not Log It??!!??*


<_<<_<<_< (I'm new to this :D ).


*New Travel Bug Acronym: "FITIKIDLI" <_< (found it, took it, kept it, didn't log it)


I'd hate for it to go missing . . . but, it's really just a silly piece of brass. :D


Anyway, I was thinking of caching it near it's original location, proof of the find would be a picture of the "Old School" as it appears today. After being picked up, it must be cached at, or near, another "Old School" location . . . etc., and so on, a picture of the BM held up in front of the location being the proof of find. The idea of discovering and sharing a bit of the history behind any Old School is good, too!


"Education is the Key!!"


Help me out here with any other ideas that might make this work!! :D



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So, are you guys actually saying that there are geocachers out there that would actually Find It, Take It, Keep It, and Not Log It??!!??*

let me try to be more accurate:


Things happen to TBs. They get lost sometimes. We suspect they're picked up by people who don't know what they are in some cases and we're pretty sure they're picked up by complete jerks in other cases. Your milage may vary.


Either way, once it's on it's way, consider it lost. If anyone logs it be happily surprised. It's a lot better than being upset when it finally becomes lost.

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