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Easy Geocaches In Tallinn?

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I just learned a few minutes ago, that I'll have one (well, two if had somebody else who wants to go - reservation must be made today before 16.00) free Eckerö Line tickets tomorrow morning from Helsinki 08.00 and Tallinn 18.00.


So the question is, where are all the trivial functioning caches in Tallinn?

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I did a pocket query and got the following result:

  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 6 Apr '02 Here Midtown by Allan Talver (GC48D2)
  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 21 Apr '02 4.3km W Mini-Zoo by Andrus Padar with friends (GC53E6)
  • Traditional Cache (1/2) 1 Jun '03 7.5km SW Watchman's by Burcho (GCG7BM)
  • Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5) 3 Oct '03 7.8km SW Arch theory by ingoval (GCH0ED)
  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 14 Feb '01 8.1km NE Tehnokratt / Milton cafe by tehnokratt (GC300)
  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 24 Jan '03 9.5km W Gravel pit by ingoval (GCCC10)
  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 5 Jul '03 9.8km NE Viims by kake (GCGDHH)
  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 3 Jan '03 9.8km W Harku by ingoval (GCBE46)
  • Traditional Cache (1/2) 23 Feb '03 12.9km W Mountaineer's Stash by Helen, Samuel and Marek
  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 13 Apr '03 14.4km E flotation sand by Helena Lind (GCFABD)
  • Traditional Cache (1/1) 20 Dec '01 14.8km SE Christmas stash by Alfa GPS, Regio and Tehnokratt (GC2D69)

Of course the time is limited indeed (11:30-18:00 in Tallinn), but are here any caches that some of you could recommend?

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