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Throw-down Cache

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I have "doctored" many caches by replacing destroyed logbooks, drying them out etc. And in a few cases, I have left entirely new containers with all new stuff--when the old container was broken and contents destroyed, or if there was just a few remnants of the original cache material. In only one case did I leave a complete "Throw down" cache container-- At a cache site that had a clue that stated the cache was in a hollow tree, with many DNF's. BUT I LOGGED IT AS A NOTE, THAT THE CACHE WAS NOW REPLACED. I DID NOT LOG A FIND!!! How can you log a find on a cache that YOU have hidden, even if you're not the owner? We have a local cacher who logged a benchmark find for a municipal standpipe, when only the base existed. The observed point was the top of the pipe, which didn't exist anymore, so I logged it, right after his log, not as a find, but as destroyed...Some people just don't get it... If it was my site, I'd delete their "find". ;)

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I have a couple problems with replacing someone else's cache.


1. Unless you have found this cache in the past, you can't be 100% sure that the cache is indeed missing. No matter how many finds you have, you WILL get a DNF from time to time. We have a cache in the area that a quadruple digit cacher needed to go back 3 times before being able to find it.


2. Since they are apparently out of state from this cache, they may not be up on the local placement rules.


3. How can you be sure that the cache is placed where the owner intended it to be? A GPSr will have an error. If yours is off and the owner's is off, you could be placing this 100 feet away from the intended location.


4. They didn't find the cache. How can they log it as a find?


Just my 2¢



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