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If you mean the cache pages (I don't know why you would only want the waypoints on your Palm), diitch Mobipocket (it really, really, stinks for this purpose) and use the Spinner and Pucker method, or Cachemate.


Here is a very good tutorial from Cybret on paperless geocaching using Spinner and Plucker on your Palm. It seems to be the most popular combination out there and I've had great success with it. Some people swear by Cachemate. I never tried it, but I hear its pretty good. Spinner and Plucker are free and there is a small charge for Cachemate.


The Georga Geocaching Assn. also has a good primer on paperless geocaching. It is a lot more comprehensive than Cybret's, as it discusses the various methods, but that also makes it a bit more confusing.

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