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Some Online Gps References...


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I have put these together for a quick reference for those just getting started. Others may have some favorites I have not included here...




1. http://jdmcox.com This site is the source of the killer program “USAPhotoMaps” that I use extensively to download georeferenced satellite photos. It also has some other useful programs and tools. The USAPhotoMaps program is free to use, but the author does accept (and I encourage) donations.

2. http://www.garmin.com This is Garmin’s web-site with a wealth of information about GPS receivers and how to use them. No matter what brand of GPS receiver you use, you can learn something here. If you own a Garmin receiver, this is where you can find upgrades to your receiver or software, and tech. support.

3. http://www.magellangps.com/en This is Magellan’s web-site with the same kind of useful information that the Garmin web-site above has. If you own a Magellan, this is where you will go for product upgrades and tech. support.

4. http://gpsinformation.net A wonderful resource of GPS related information, with software links, for some great tools. Several “which one do I buy” types of articles to help you wade through the gauntlet of GPS choices.

5. http://www.digitalgrove.net This is a treasure chest of digital mapping information. It covers the simple, all the way to the highly technical aspects of digital mapping.

6. http://www.geocaching.com (This is where you are now! Home page for the great sport of geocaching. Some of the best forums out there to get questions answered and problems solved!

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