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Weekend Wanderer

Geocaching With Tom Tom

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Hi all,

I am new to Geocaching and normally use my Etrex without any problem.

I have just bought an Ipaq and have installed Tom Tom navigator for use in the car ( My Etrex plugs in when walking is needed ).


My question is has anyone been able to use TomTom for Geocaching ?


Tom Tom has the ability to "Go To Co-ordinates" but I cant fathom the TomTom required format e.g. Longitude 000Deg00'00" W and Latitude 000Deg00'00" N

( replace the Deg with a sign I cant find on my keyboard)


Im sure it is just my ignorance preventing me but can anyone help please as when I try and input the co-ords given Im miles away, I think I probably need to convert the co-ordinates but how/where.





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