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Tb Non-loggers


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Out of 20 some TBs I own, at least 3 are missing in action :P . Out of caches in my area, and some I own, there are many TBs listed, but nobody is home :) ! There is a need to better inform novices about what to do when there is a tag on an item in a cache :P . maybe a pop up that has an actual tag picture that keeps getting in every bodies face when they are viewing the web site :) . The MIAs are getting to be far to many, and really annoying :) . I think some sort of communication thing needs to happen here ;) !!!


Thanks for the space!



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I was thinking other cachers using other cache sites such as navicache may be moving the tb's without ever realizing they needed to be logged at geocaching.com. However I think thats a very very small portion of them. My first TB left the radar when someone moved it without logging it out or back into the next cache. Do they realize how frustrating it is???!!! ;)

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Instructions tags attached to the bugs are the only way and people don't read those either.


How many cachers read all the material on the geocaching.com site? The travel bug FAQ and "how-to" sections cover most things, but how many people actually read what is available? I've been posting in the forums for over a year but recently was dinged with a warning because I broke a rule that's clearly stated there, but I never read.


If all cachers read all the gc web pages and followed forums, then everyone would know everything about caching and the proper of use of TBs ;) Ain't gonna happen.


Our daughter's been watching Mary Poppins the last couple days. She's "practically perfect in every way", but we cachers are not.

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I think there needs to be a big warning that says:


"When you put something in a tupperware container out in the woods for anyone to find, don't be shocked if the person who found it doesn't know what it is, why it's there, or do anything even remotely sane. They may be new to geocaching. They may have a 4 year old they don't know how to say no to. They may be letterboxing and not have a clue what a TB is. They may be muggles, magpies, or excaped criminals looking for a leatherman tool. They are, however, guaranteed not to be licensed geocachers who passed their geocaching test and can markwell a question from memory. In short, what happens to it from here on out is not under your control. And as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

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