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Travel Bug Section Updated

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As part of our progress moving to a new codebase, we have completed the new Travel Bug section. Along with the same features that existed before, here is a list of new features:


1. A printable bug sheet you can attach to your bug.

2. Logs are now identical to the cache logs. You can edit your log entries, upload photos, etc.

3. A new "activate your bug" section to make bug activation easier.

4. Additional search options and improvement to the keyword search. You can now search by travel bugs a user has found, search by keyword in the title, mission, and description, and see the travel bug history for caches.

5. Profiles now link directly to the search engine for bugs a user has found.

6. New maps, where you can click to follow the path of the travel bug. The old maps are still available.

7. Bug owners can recalculate the miles travelled if they are messed up. If the bug disappears, the owner can also drop the cache into an unknown location, so it doesn't show up on cache pages when the bug isn't there.


Since bugs never had display sized images, visiting the log may show broken images. To fix this, there is a link for you to click on which will refresh the images for you.


Let us know if you find any problems with the new travel bug area.

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