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Tidy Up Your Cache

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I was disconcerted on a recent trip to Cape Town to find so many caches in disrepair :) . It seems that cache owners are not to bothered to keep their caches in good order. Numerous caches have been found missing and a number of cachers have requested that the cache be archived. Some of these date back over a year with no response from the cache owner. While I'm not stupid enough to go climbing after a cache that has been missing for a year, I find it too be an unhappy situation that cache owners have not made the effort to either archive, disable, or make a note regarding their caches.


I have also recently come across numerous caches which report to contain TB, yet it is clear from the logs that these bugs have been removed, yet the cacher has not logged the move properly. While this is the cachers error or inexperience with TB's, I feel that it is the owners responsibility to urge these cachers to rectify their logs. Similarly there are numerous logs where cachers have entered the TB's id number in their logs. These logs should be removed as this id is the only sure way of making sure that someone actually finds a bug, and shouldn't be logged for all to see, it is the bugs secure ID. Once again, cache owners should delete these logs, and request cachers to resubmit and direct them to the 'How to' regarding TB's on the geocaching and Groundspeak sites.


Lets keep our caches in good order!!

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