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What do YOU do when...

Guest Guppy

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Guest Guppy

What do YOU do when you are under heavy tree cover and the signal isn't totally lost but it doesn't seem to tracking you and the go-to compass stays pointed in the same direction even when you're moving and turning?

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Guest k2dave

sometimes you have to back up to a better location or go ahead to a better one. I have never had any luck just stopping and waiting - and some times a restart seems sucidial.

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Guest Elwood

generally the time my vista stops working is usually about 100 feet from the cache, can count on it like clockwork, so i decode the hint, find the cache and move on to the next one! thats what works best for me

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Guest celts

It's happened to me several times. I've just started the GOTO again (without shutting off the etrex and starting again) and it's worked pretty well.

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Guest tnunnery

Fortunately signals have stayed pretty strong for me. In the worst cases, I back up and find a spot with good reception, take a bearing and then use a compass to guide me in.

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