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Web Site with Lat/Lon Coordinates

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I am going to be doing some traveling in Germany and am looking for a web site to help plan the trip. I have several maps, but have just gotten a gps and started geocaching. I have a few site we are going to try and find. But I am looking for a web to help with getting the Lat & Long. for where we are staying, etc.


Thanks for the assistance.

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I looked through my collection of mapservers and I know of two servers that specifically support Germany:

Map24 and Yahoo. But these two do not show coords with there maps.


A very workable option is using CacheMaps. CacheMaps gives you the possibility to create your own AreaMap based on MapBlast maps. Start with the Europe map, dubble click a point in Germany, get an AreaMap for the area with a wide range, dubble click on a more specific spot, get a map and so on. CacheMaps can show you any coord that is on the AreaMap. And you can load any AreaMap. A single click will show the coords under the cursor.

Additionally, after the dubble click you can request for any online map (e.g. the mentioned Map24 or Yahoo) for more details on a supported scale. Yahoo has very much details for Germany.


Download cache waypoints for German caches and you can show them on the AreaMap, show all details offline (if you uses a gpx file) and get detailed maps for the cache area.


This was a part of the CacheMaps possibilities in a nutshell. If you need more explanation or help on specific features, please let me know.


Good luck caching Germany,


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