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Virtual cache at DCA?

Guest oxidog

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Guest oxidog

I started work on a multi stage virtual cache that wouldl take you to different areas in Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim. I am planning that the clues from first cache site will help with the next and so on. Maybe three or four legs. Nothing too hard or involved to distract from your day at this theme park. And it would not be based on hard core Disney trivia.

Any interest in something like this?

Any suggestions?

I plan on doing a Disneyland one too if this works out.


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Guest Prime_Meridian

How is it a virtual cache if you have to find containers with the next waypoints listed?


One of the local geocachers did some micro caches in the St. Louis Zoo. It was really neat thinking they exist in relatively high traffic areas while remaining undisturbed. I


It's also a cool idea considering the amount of people who could log a cache or two while on vacation... it'll give the geocache junkies a needed fix while away from their usual stomping grounds...



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Guest oxidog

t stage, 2nd stage and so on. Along with these cords would be clues on what to look for at the location. Finding the right clue will help you at the next location.This way no containers would be involved for the sweeper guys to find.

I figured I keep it on the easy side as to not waste your "waiting in line for 'Soring over California' time".

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