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The new cache page is sufficiently different in page organization that it takes some time to get used to how the caches are labeled.


I would really like to see the nearest cache page be a configurable page (at least for members). In the preferences listing, you could ask for only unfound caches, or only certain kinds of caches. This would be more of a database issue, but not a hard one as the number of options could be kept to 2-3 and thus reduce processing time.


This would auto edit the page down to a list that I could actually use instead of weeding though a list of caches I already found, or a list of caches that I don't want to find.


Overall, the readability of the fonts and layout is good. There seems to be more on a page, which is an improvement.



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I'm one all for change, but I have to say I liked the old layout better. But I'm sure there were reasons to change it and that it's better for some reason.


I liked the how the old one automatically put the found ones at the bottom automatically without having to do any other special things. AS Desert Warrior put it, additional Keystrokes. I entered it from the main page and still do over on the right where it says Find the nearest Cache. I would put in my zip code and as long as I was logged on, my found caches would show up at the bottom. Now if I go in that way. Thye are all mixed in but have the "X" in the brackets.


I will one day find out how it will better benefit me, hopefully.


Brian Wood

Woodsters Outdoors


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