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Vista Click Stick-sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't!

Guest raptorrider2001

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Guest raptorrider2001

I recently went to Co. for 2 weeks and had a great time with my Vista mounted on the handlebars of my atv with a garmin mount. Rode in a lot of cover and to an altitude of 10622' according to the Vista. I never lost a signal in the dense trees and trails but did have some trouble with the click stick. While riding, I noticed that if I tried to click the stick, it would not work. I first thought it was because I was wearing gloves but trying it without the gloves, I would have the same results most of the time. I thought it might be because of interference from the engine but I could stop and leave the engine running and it would work ok. I guess it still could be from the interference from the higher engine rpms while running but it does seem strange. Ideas?

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Guest gstrong1

I just got my replacement Vista from Garmin.My first one had real problems with the click stick.Sent it back to Garmin,they made an attempt to fix it & sent it back to me.First attempt to use it, click stick still not functioning properly so back it went & they sent me a new one.Working OK for now, hope it lasts longer than the 30 hours of use the first one did.The only other problem I've got with the new Vista is the same problem I had with the first one. Up here in the northeast, it is next to useless under heavy tree cover.This must have something to do with geographical location.On all the posts I've read on these forums,it amazes me when I see all the folks that have absolutely no problem with satellite fix under heavy tree cover with the Vista.(Or any of the eTrex line).I don't take the Vista on cache hunts anymore.I also have the III Plus & the MAP76,& either of those I can depend on. But I have never been able to hold a satellite fix under tree cover with either the first Vista or the new one.A real mystery that I'd love to be able to solve. confused.gif .



Gary "Gimpy" Strong


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Guest Elwood

ly feel that garmin will eventually have to answer for this design flaw (can you say "class action lawsuit" boys and girls) now if garmin was a smart company they might just actively seek out registered vista owners and remedy the situation, before we have to go find a nasty ol lawyer to fix it for us....just a friendly suggesstion for the folks at garmin. but i must say in their defense that other than the cheesy stick, i love my vista!

the preceeding is just an opinion, your opinion may vary.


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